Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Secretly Meeting Each Other, Together Again?

‘City Hunter‘ fans might possibly see Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young together again. Rumors have surfaced the internet that the two stars still meet frequently.

According to insiders, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young still talk on the phone together and send text messages very often. Awww, isn't it sweet? The two were also seen meeting each other near their homes. The possibility of the two allegedly getting back together after their recent split up just two months ago is undeniably gaining much interest.

The two stars caught each others’ eye after filming for SBS‘ hit drama, ‘City Hunter’, in July, and broke off their relationship this past December. They released the news to the public belatedly in January, stating they are now just “encouraging colleagues” to one another. (Source: allkpop)

However, rumors of an alleged reunion are now quietly arising. On April 3rd, a person close to Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young revealed, “It was burdensome for the two to meet at places where there were a lot of fans or they would receive a lot of attention…Rather than a break-up [atmosphere], it’s a casual atmosphere where there’s no burden.”

Their frequent meetings have become obvious to their friends. One star who acted in Park Min Young’s drama stated, “It seems the two have strong feelings for each other…Even though I don’t know the specific situation, I know they still have a good relationship.”

One representative stated, “Around the time the break-up news came out around January, they argued, sulked, and hesitated to contact each other like normal couples.”

Representatives from Park Min Young’s agency stated, “It is not true that she will get together with Lee Min Ho again. They are just friends who ask how the other is doing. From what we know, their inner circles are similar so they cannot end their contact suddenly. Their houses are close together so that seems to be the source of these rumors.”

What do you guys think? Will they eventually reunite? Share your thoughts here.
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