[Spoilers] YoonA Poses Cute and Sexy for Suh Joon in Love Rain

YoonA (Hana) Accepts Modeling - Love Rain Spoilers

On the April 16th episode of KBS‘s ‘Love Rain‘, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA amazed the viewers with her adorable, cute and sexy poses.

In April 16's episode, Hana (YoonA) accepts Suh Joon’s (Jang Geun Suk) offer to become a model, and her succeeding visit to his studio. After coming upon the photo shoot of model “Goo Eun Ae”, Hana becomes intimidated by her professionalism and sneaks out back to practice her own poses. [Source: allkpop]

As you can see on the photo, Hana (YoonA) really looks adorable and cute!

Because of her cute image, Hana’s attempts to pull off sexy poses only served to make her look cuter than ever, achieving the opposite of what she had hoped. Aww. Major FAIL for Hana. No matter how much she tried to make a seductive pose or winked for an invisible camera, Hana was unable to fool anyone with the act. The cafe staff, who were watching through the window, were not convinced. Embarrassed after being caught, Hana immediately planted herself down on a seat, acting as if nothing really happened. haha. Funny scene, ain't it?

Although short, the scene was enough to squeeze an “awww” out of viewers.

[Source: allkpop]
Don't forget to watch Love Rain on KBS, guys! This is going to be exciting!


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