Watch Rooftop Prince 옥탑방 왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja - Online Korean Drama Series

I just found a new Korean Drama Series that you'll surely love! Aww. This series makes me laugh. I find the lead stars really cute! So I suggest you watch Rooftop Prince!

  • Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja
  • Also known as: Attic Prince
  • Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Original Soundtrack: Rooftop Prince OST
A prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of the girl he loved. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess... 

    Micky Yoochun as Yong Tae Yong / Lee Gak
        Choi Won Hong as young Lee Gak
    Han Ji Min as Park Ha / Bu Yong
        Jun Min Seo as young Park Ha / young Bu Yong
    Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Moo
    Jung Yoo Mi as Hong Se Na / Hwa Yong
        Kim So Hyun as young Se Na / young Hwa Yong
    Lee Min Ho as Song Man Bo
    Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi San
    Jung Suk Won as Woo Yong Sul
    Ban Hyo Jung as President Yeo
    Ahn Suk Hwan as Yong Dong Man
    Park Joon Geum as Yong Seol Hee
    Lee Moon Shik as Pyo Taek Soo
    Song Ok Sook as Gong Man Ok
    Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
    Guzal Tursunova as Becky
    Na Young Hee as President Jang
    Kim Dae Hee as Bang Soo Bong
    Kil Yong Woo as Left State Minister (Bu Yong's father)
    Kyun Mi Ri as Left State Minister's wife (Bu Yong's mother)
    Maeng Sang Hoon as Park In Chul (Park Ha's father)
    Kim Yoo Suk as king
    Kim Hyung Bum as Hong Nak Hyun
    Ahn Sang Tae as Corporal Ma (cameo, ep2) 

So there! I've given you an idea about this Korean Drama Series. You can Watch it on Korean Series Video Streaming Sites Online!


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